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An Ode to my Sister

Horacia, keeper of time,

You left on a sad october day.

To me, you were sublime,

If only that was enough to make you stay.

I know you wanted to say goodbye,

You just cared too much to do it.

You knew your wings were ready,

But my heart couldn't handle the bye-bye.

The void you left hasn't been filled one bit,

And there are still days when everything seem so unsteady.

You loved me unconditionally,

Supported me unwaveringly,

Celebrated me authentically,

Cared for me amazingly.

I wish you were here,

To see your baby evolve into a woman.

There are so many things I want to tell you;

So many victories I want to share.

You left before all of it began;

Before my dreams started to come true.

I know you hear everything I tell you.

And all the times I can't say what I feel,

I know you see how my heart reaches out for you,

Because I hear you reply and say your love for me is still so real.

Thank you for blessing me with two beautiful girls;

They drive nuts sometimes,

But they are a daily reminder of the truest sisterly love I have known.

They are more precious to me than any pearl,

So much that I forgive all their little crimes,

And love them as my very own.

Sometimes I wish we had taken more pictures,

But we were too busy laughing and creating memories.

Now that you're gone, I'm glad we had all those adventures,

Our pictures are safely engraved in my mind's diaries.

Thank you for 25 years of unfiltered love,

You couldn't have loved me any deeper.

I know our love transcends life,

And when all the stars align, we will meet again above.

Until then, ride on with the angels time keeper.

Forever in my heart, now and afterlife!

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4 comentários

Thank you Keh😍


Ti Nooks
Ti Nooks
01 de nov. de 2020

Continue to rest in peace Horatia. Your lil sis misses you beyond description. Keep watching over her as she makes you proud day by day.




Melissa Deyegbe
Melissa Deyegbe
31 de out. de 2020

May her soul continue to rest in peace.

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