Hey, I'm Marcella!


Welcome to my blog! 


I am an Orthopaedic & Trauma Surgery resident from Sierra Leone.


'Why Orthopaedics' I am often asked. I like to think of myself as a fixer, I'd respond. How the body breaks and can be fixed really feeds my curiosity. I was (and still am) more fascinated about the art and science of surgery and the human body than anything else. I recently moved to Nairobi, Kenya, to start my surgical training. I am passionate about Global Health, particularly Global Surgery research and advocacy and Gender Equity. 


I completed an MSc in Global Health and Development from University College London in 2018, and I have been more involved in advocacy and research in Global Surgery since then. I believe no one should die or be disabled by lack of access to timely, safe and affordable care, which drives my passion for Global Surgery. Through local capacity building and understanding local contexts, we can come up with sustainable solutions to make surgery available and affordable to the billions of people who need it. 

 I love to write, take random pictures of things, people and places, do handcrafts and DIY projects outside of work. I started this blog because I wanted to share stories about my encounters in and out of work. Being a woman daring to pursue a career in a field traditionally dominated by men and gender-stereotyped is not an easy feat but deep down in my heart of hearts with all the many things I can do or be, I cannot think of anything that excites me as much as surgery.

Follow my journey into the unknown as I try to navigate my way into being a global surgeon, a researcher and find that 'work-life balance' (whatever that is  😃😁).