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Happy Blogiversary!

A year ago, I hit the publish button and shared my first blog post. I can't believe it's been one year since I mustered the strength and courage to share that post. It feels so surreal. I have always been someone who loves writing. I have kept journals since my early teenage years, and I have found writing to be therapeutic. It heals me. Whether it's a note to myself or someone else, it has always been a way of expressing the many feelings I can't say out loud. When life situations become too stressful or frustrating, and my emotions overwhelm me, I write. It is my outlet. And writing is timeless!

We still read books and poetry written by famous writers like Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, and Oscar Wilde many years after they are long gone. Their writings live on. I love to read a well-written piece. But until last year, I never thought of sharing my writing. First, because of imposter syndrome; wondering if my writing is good enough to be shared. Also because I wondered how my posts would be perceived or what kind of content I'll share. I didn't think I had a voice. I used to look at well-established, gorgeous blogs and thought I could never do that. Anyway, in the end, I decided to go for it, own my voice and share my stories- my successes, defeats, and my entire authentic self. So I set off to create a blog with zero knowledge on blogging and website design. I was determined to design and put it together all by myself. And I did. For a while, I pondered on what to name the blog that represents me. I felt 'Scrubs', 'Scalpels' and 'High Heels' encompass everything that I love and represent; my love for surgery and want to make a difference in people's lives and my vibe outside the hospital.

Many people reach out to me and tell me that I inspire them, but the odd thing is that you all inspire me even more! The amount of support I have had in sharing my stories is really truly amazing. Every post comes from my heart, and knowing that these experiences and struggles are mirrored in others, brings an incredible sense of belonging. People feel less alone in the world when they know there is someone else experiencing or thinking the same things as them! Through this blog, I can express my thoughts, own my voice, and share parts of my journey. I am learning to embrace my uniqueness. Because my blog, these stories, my life, and the content I create and share are all unique.

Blogging has been a learning curve. In the last year, I have learned about web design, modifying my blog's theme, optimizing posts, and many technical stuff I didn't even realize I could develop an interest in and actually learn. I am also very proud of how far I've come in expressing myself in writing. I am amazed at how I turn my thoughts and experiences into something tangible that I can share. I don't consider myself a fantastic writer, but it gives me joy that people enjoy and appreciate my writing. Writing, like medicine, is a lifelong learning process. I am really grateful for my friends who proofread some of my articles and encourage me to share them. It may sound cliche, but I honestly have met some incredible, inspiring, and passionate people through this blog. I have forged some amazing relationships because of my love for writing and sharing parts of my journey.

"Writing is timeless."

Blogging is fun, but it's also commitment and hard work. I have published way fewer posts than I may have wanted but let's just say life handed me some pretty tough cards last year, and I haven't had so much time to focus on the blog. But I have many drafted and unpublished stories (and titles) that I hope to share with you in the coming weeks and months. Someone said, ''I don’t think you are really a writer or a blogger until and unless your words are read." One year, and eleven blog posts later, I've had more than 7,000 views with more than 5,000 unique site visitors. This is a big feat! Thank you for reading, for sharing, and for making me a writer.

Whether you're new to Scrubs, Scalpels & High Heels or you have been with me right from the start, I am so grateful to have you here celebrating with me today! Thank you! I hope everyone reading this knows that they can achieve whatever they set their hearts out to.

To celebrate today, I am giving away a beautiful green on blue Freetown tshirt from Royal Dynamite. Drop a comment below to enter the draw. Ends on 3/7/21. Check out the cool stuff from RD and be sure to follow them on instagram and twitter!

Happy Blogiversary and Happy New Month!

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